We live and love in our community. We forgive and are forgiven. We know that our contentment and eternal security are grounded in the steadfast promises of God through Christ. We talk about real life in view of grace.

We Believe in God.

We believe that the Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - is our creator (Genesis 1:1-2:2; John 1:1-3). We believe that God loves us and that he doesn't want us to suffer, but that we enjoy life with him and with one another forever (Ezekiel 33:11).

We Believe God's Word.

We believe that the Bible is God's holy and perfect word (2 Timothy 3:16; Proverbs 30:5). We believe that God gave the books of Scripture as the means by which we would know him.

We Believe God's Law.

We believe that the Bible's clear teaching is that all humans beings are sinful. We show our sinfulness through our actions daily (Psalm 51:5; Romans 3:23) and we deserve to suffer the eternal consequences of our sins (Romans 6:23).

We Believe Jesus' Gospel.

The Bible also clearly teaches that God's will is not for us to die, but rather that we live (1 Timothy 2:3,4). We believe that God gave his Son Jesus to save us from eternal death - to be our Savior (John 3:16). Through Jesus we have forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. We have this forgiveness by faith, or trust in God. This faith is not something we can earn, rather it is a GIFT from God (Ephesians 2:8,9) through which He freely offers the forgiveness and life which Jesus earned for us.

"What does this mean?"

You might see this image around Grace of God. It's our "missional emblem." We based our design for our church off an illustration - and explanation - of Christian faith designed in the 1520's by Martin Luther.