Are you curious about the Bible? Or do you have questions you want to ask based on your previous experiences with it? Our BIBLE 101 course is for anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity's core beliefs and the Bible's timeless teachings.

What is this course?

In BIBLE 101, we read selections from the Bible which contain its main teachings and emphases to discuss the core beliefs of Christianity.

The material we cover was arranged by Pastor Tim Walsh as a Bible study called "ESSENTIALS." The study is designed to cover both the basics of historically orthodox theology and also its application to our lives, thoughts, and culture today.

Whether you'd prefer to take this study one-on-one or in a group, slowly or quickly, once or multiple times, Pastor Tim would love to read the Bible with you. 

What does your church believe?

BIBLE 101 covers the core beliefs of our church. You can find more a more detailed discussion of our beliefs as "confessional" Lutherans on this page.